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How do I pack my personal effects?

Use boxes, bags or suitcases, but ensure they are good quality. Try not to overload each item as damage can sometimes occur if items are too full.

What shouldn't I pack?

For personal effects, dangerous goods such as perfumes, lithium-ion batteries and internal combustion engines (lawn mower/chainsaw) cannot be sent via airfreight as general cargo. Please click here for more information. 

How do I label my baggage?

Ensure that all items are clearly labelled in English. Every item must have name and address and contact phone number at point of destination.

What is the weight limit per item?

We suggest no more than 30 kilograms per item.

What documentation is required for personal effects?

For Personal effects and Excess baggage, we suggest a copy of the photo page of your passport or drivers licence.

Pricing and terminal handling charges for personal effects?

Our standard service is based on door to airport or port. Handling fees will be payable to the cargo terminal operator at the destination airport or port upon arrival of your cargo.

Custom clearances

Customs clearance of personal effects is a straightforward process in most countries and formalities can be completed easier and faster by the owner of the goods or consignee. Each country has specific duty free allowances.